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It is a contagious virus that can only transmit from human to human, and it can infect a person repeatedly throughout their lifetime. Contaminated surfaces, saliva, mucus, and skin surfaces can harbor the virus and infect others. The virus can remain on surfaces for hours, and on the skin for 30 minutes or so. RSV is very contagious and spreads as other airborne viruses do by means of droplets containing the virus when someone coughs or sneezes. The virus can also survive for hours on surfaces such as doorknobs and countertops or toys and be spread by touch. If someone touches a contaminated surface, and then touches their mouth or nose, the virus can be spread easily. Complications of RSV can. These symptoms usually appear in stages and not all at once. In very young infants with RSV, the only symptoms may be irritability, decreased activity, and breathing difficulties. RSV can also cause more severe infections such as bronchiolitis, an inflammation of the small airways in the lung, and pneumonia, an infection of the lungs. It is the. RSV is highly contagious in the community and on hospital wards 4, 5, with almost all children having evidence of infection by 2 years of age.

People infected with RSV are usually contagious for 3 to 8 days. However, some infants, and people with weakened immune systems, can continue to spread the virus even after they stop showing symptoms, for as long as 4 weeks. Because RSV symptoms resemble those of the common cold runny nose, sore throat, mild headache, cough, and sometimes a fever, parents and other adults may not realize they are infected with the virus but can still be contagious. They can therefore easily pass on. RSV: Respiratory Syncytial VirusRespiratory Syncytial Virus, or RSV, is a major cause of respiratory illness in young children. The virus causes predominantly wintertime ailments, usually occurring between November and March. In the United States, almost 100,000 children are hospitalized yearly with RSV while. RSV usually causes mild respiratory infection in adults and children, but it can be severe in infants who are at increased risk of acute lower respiratory tract infection. Airway reactivity after RSV • RSV LRTI ass.with an increased risk of frequent wheeze odd ratio 4.3, 95%CI 2.0-5.0 by age 6, but decreased markedly with increasing age and not significant by age 13 • Children who wheezed at age 6 had lower FVC than normal at age 13 odd ratio2.11, 95%CI 2.05-2.15 and reversed with salbutamol.

Diagnostic Tests Testing for RSV, proper testing of respiratory secretions will: Positively identify RSV Rule out bacterial infection Nasopharyngeal secretions containing epithelial cells are necessary for positive diagnosis of severe RSV infections There are two strains, A and B A causes severe cases B is asymptomatic and is transmitted to. Try not to worry too much. Yes, RSV is contagious airborne to anyone. It is a virus like any other repiratory virus. When we get it, we call it a "cold". Your baby is old enough, that if he gets it, it will VERY likely be nothing more than a cold. The reason we hear so much about it, is because it can make little babies, especially preemies.

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